Hazmat Games Enters MOTODEV with Zombies!

OAKLAND, CA — August 19, 2007 — The Hazmat crew is excited to announce their entry into the MOTODEV Game Developer Challenge (http://developer.motorola.com/) with their newest beta-release, “Zombie Noir, Chapter 1.”

Hazmat Games met the Game Developer Challenge with the goal of improving the graphics and simplifying the engine from their previous release, “Pegasus Lost.” The company has kept the same dedication to cutting edge sound effects, music, and a cross-genre storyline with “Zombie Noir.”

Hazmat Games would like to thank Motorola for granting the opportunity for third-party developers everywhere to showcase their work and for encouraging the creation of new games.

About "Zombie Noir, Chapter 1"

"Zombie Noir, Chapter 1" combines the action of a shooter and the advancement of an RPG in a mystery thriller set in an alternative 1950s overrun by the living dead. The game follows Morte, a no-nonsense mortician on the trail of the brutal thugs who murdered his girlfriend, Percy.

The first installment of a multiple part story, “Zombie Noir” promises bring Morte and the player through a twisting tale of conspiracies, organized crime, betrayal, love, and zombies.

"Zombie Noir, Chapter 1" promises to bring better gameplay, a more immersive storyline, and higher quality graphics and sound than any other game on the market.

About Hazmat Games LLC

Based in Oakland, Calif., Hazmat Games LLC is riding the popularity of their first release, “Pegasus Lost” and the “Pegasus Lost – Prequel” with a follow-up based on the same successful engine, with a completely different storyline and theme. As an up-and-coming mobile-device game company, Hazmat Games is dedicated to bring quality games to the hot, yet still fledgling, mobile market. Begun as four dedicated geeks in an attic, Hazmat Games promises to be a strong player in the gaming industry.


Media Contact:
Adam Cadieux