Hazmat Games Releases Mobile Game Pegasus Lost

OAKLAND, CALIF. - November 3, 2006 - Hazmat Games proudly announces the release of their first game, “Pegasus Lost.” Filled with action-packed graphics, smooth gameplay, an intuitive interface, and a sophisticated storyline, this sci-fi RPG shooter promises to surpass all other games in the mobile market.

Nine months in the making, “Pegasus Lost” combines the action of a shooter with the advancement of an RPG. Taking place in the far future, players take on the role a single artificially intelligent maintenance droid fighting off the alien Ixion race on Earth’s flagship, the Pegasus.

“It is a challenge to create a slim-enough game engine to both perform on various phones as well as deliver high quality sound, graphics, and playability,” said Lead Programmer, Andy Gleckman.

“We just want to make good games,” declared Adam Cadieux, President of Hazmat Games. “‘Pegasus Lost’ is indicative of the kind of games we will be releasing in the coming year.”

“Pegasus Lost” can be found at www.hazmatgames.com and will soon be available on a mobile deck.

Join the adventure to save mankind!


Media Contact:
Adam Cadieux