Hazmat Games releases Open Beta using craigslist and other community websites

OAKLAND, CALIF -- October 17, 2006 -- Hazmat Games is pleased to announce the successful Open Beta of their flagship game, "Pegasus Lost," for the mobile phone. By utilizing a large testing group through community resources such as craigslist, Hazmat Games was able to access a wide variety of handsets and thus efficiently overcome compatibility issues as well as minor bugs.

"We are excited to be bringing this project to completion," says Adam Cadieux, President of Hazmat Games. "With this Beta test, we are hoping not only to get some technical feedback, but to show the industry that you don't need a bloated, over-budget development team to make a great game."

Hazmat Games was founded on the principle of the importance of communication between developers and their customers, and depends on the goodwill of the Internet community to test its games.

"It's a pleasure to connect with people in the community," Cadieux says, "craigslist is a great resource for small development teams."

More information and a sneak preview of the game "Pegasus Lost" can be found at www.hazmatgames.com.

About "Pegasus Lost"

"Pegasus Lost" combines the action of a shooter and the advancement of an RPG in an adventure in the far future. With the human race on the verge of extinction, their hope lies on the flagship of the fleet, the Pegasus. But when the vicious Ixion race attacks the flagship, it is up to a lone artificially intelligent maintenance droid to save all of humankind.

"Pegasus Lost" promises to bring better gameplay, a more immersive storyline, and higher quality graphics and sound than any other game on the market.

About Hazmat Games LLC

Based in Oakland, Calif., Hazmat Games LLC is a new mobile-device game company dedicated to bring quality games to the hot, yet fledgling, mobile market. Begun as four dedicated geeks in an attic, Hazmat Games promises to be a strong player in the gaming industry.


Media Contact:
Adam Cadieux