AutoDactyl-series robots

“The AutoDactyl-series robots produced by the Autodyne Corporation, sometimes referred to as A.D. units, are modular automated maintenance units linked to each Slave artificial intelligence. Whereas the Slaves act as the mind, the A.D. unit serves as the hands of the network. This system allows different sections of a Gladius-class ship to oversee repairs without interfering with the processing power of the Master artificial intelligence and thus compromise overall capability.

Each A.D. unit contains simple standardized and interchangeable parts, allowing the Slave or Master networks the freedom to modify the robots according to need, even allowing a complete retrofit of every A.D. unit within a network in a matter of hours.

Each A.D. unit has its own primitive artificial intelligence providing them their own autonomy in the event that the Slave unit is compromised. Like worker ants of a hive, the A.D. units scuttle about a Gladius-class ship repairing battle damage, maintaining systems, and even providing a rudimentary defense against Ixion boarders.”