Pegasus Lost

Hazmat Games Presents Pegasus LostIn 'Pegasus Lost,' hazmat games takes its science fiction RPG from the depths of space onto your mobile phone. Explore the hallways of the Pegasus, Earth's greatest starship and humanity's last hope for freedom from the deadly and enigmatic Ixion race.

After a brutal attack, only a single maintenance android survives the carnage. You control the android, and with the aid of an artificial intelligence onboard the Pegasus, attempt to bring the Pegasus back online to exact Earth's revenge upon the Ixion homeworld.

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Zombie Noir Ch. 1

Zombie NoirZombie Noir, a two-part detective action shooter, takes place in a city infested with the living dead, called Husks. However, the City has other equally pressing problems in the guise of violent crime, corruption, and murder.

Morte, a police mortician, finds his ex-love Percy mysteriously dead, and sets off to find the culprits.

Unfortunately, the Underwood Syndicate stands in his way. The criminal organization thrives in the seedy underworld, undermining the authority of Police Commissioner Poe Luto. A standing cold war exists between Hayden and Luto as Husks continue to eat away at the City’s stability.

However, the arrival of a new street drug called Voodoo has upset the balance of power. With the Syndicate supposedly distributing the drug and Luto opposing it, war threatens to erupt.

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