"The people of Hazmat Games seek to bring original, exciting, innovative games to mobile phones and desktop computers. With a combined total of over 50 years of game testing experience, the Hazmat team aims to provide seamless gameplay, immersive storytelling, high quality graphics, and simple fun.

Hazmat Games first foray into mobile gaming, Pegasus Lost, represents the company's dedication to simple easy-to-learn games for your cell phone. Explore the hallways of the Pegasus, Earth's greatest starship and humanity's last hope for freedom from the deadly and enigmatic Ixion race.

The Hazmat Games team consists of

Adam Cadieux, Founder
Adam Cadieux has a B.A. in Economics from George Mason University. Hazmat Games is Cadieux's fourth business start-up; previous ventures include RFP Search (2004; a web-based search system for institutional real estate investors), Slag (1997; a PC/desktop gaming company), and Avalon Industries (1993; a desktop publishing company). Cadieux has more than 10 years of software development experience, with an emphasis on web-based systems using open-source technology. Cadieux's programming experience includes a stint as Web Development Manager for GuardianEdge Technologies in San Francisco. He also served as Webmaster for PC Guardian in San Rafael, Calif., and as Advertising Manager for AMOT Controls in Richmond, Calif.

Andy Gleckman, Lead Programmer
Andy Gleckman has an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from U.C. Berkeley. Gleckman has worked on a number of programming projects in the public and private sector, including work with robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, and handheld mobile devices. Gleckman interned at IBM while completing his undergraduate degree at U.C. Berkeley. He also served as a Development Engineer at Gene Machines in San Carlos, Calif., and as an Applications Engineer at Varioscale in San Leandro, Calif.

Monte Lin, Head Writer
Monte Lin has a B.A. in History from U.C. Berkeley. Lin has 15 years of experience in the software and tabletop game industry, with articles and supplementary materials published in both Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine, and game reviews on the popular website Lin has also developed mods for games such as Starcraft and Unreal Tournament. He is a freelance writer for the role-playing game company 93 Game Studios, and held the position of Playtest Coordinator for TableStar Games in Berkeley, Calif.

Jonathan Sue, Lead Artist
Jonathan Sue has a B.A. in Environmental Design from U.C. Berkeley. Sue has 10 years of experience creating graphics for both 2- and 3-dimensional games. He was a founding principal of Slag (1997; a PC/desktop gaming company). He also worked as a Project Manager, CAD specialist, Graphic Designer, and Model Maker for Sue Associates AIA in Oakland, Calif., for over eleven years and, more recently, as a Professional Model Maker/Project Manager for Gemmiti Model Arts in San Francisco. His past gigs also include work as a designer for Deep Forest Entertainment in Emeryville, Calif., where he was responsible for level and arena design for Laser Tag style game centers 1994, and as a fabrication intern for Skellington Productions/James and the Giant Peach in San Francisco.